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Hurricane Preparedness

While hurricane season begins on the first day of June, now is the time to prepare. 

May is recognized as Hurricane Preparedness Month in South Carolina.  Other states observe Hurricane Preparedness Week during the first week of May.  If you check any of the websites or social media pages for the National Weather Service or the National Hurricane Center, you will see that they have posted many tips to help you prepare for hurricane season, which is June 1 – November 30.

We have listed several links on our website to help you find ways to prepare yourself, your family, your congregation, and your community for hurricane season. When looking at the ways to prepare, always prepare yourself first so that you are better able to help others.

According to the American Red Cross, your personal preparedness should include an evacuation plan, a preparedness kit, and a way to get current weather information. Your evacuation plan should be shared with others so that they have some idea of where you plan to go. You should include contact information for yourself and your family as well as contact information for your evacuation destination. 

Your preparedness kit should include the basics like water, food, and medications, plus first aid supplies, flashlights, spare batteries, and a portable weather radio. SCEMD, ReadyNC, and many other websites all have list of supplies that you might include in your kit.

In the Carolinas, there are pre-determined hurricane evacuation zones.  If you live in a coastal area, it is important to Know Your Zone.  Visit the North Carolina or South Carolina websites to learn more about zones.  Information about the 2023 Hurricane season forecast is available courtesy of The Weather Channel.

You can find more detailed information about hurricane preparedness in North and South Carolina at the state hurricane websites. 

Once your personal preparedness plan is in place, then you can create one for your congregation. A planning guide is available from Lutheran Disaster Response and can be downloaded here.

Need more help planning?  Let us know and we can meet with you and your congregation council or other groups to help create a plan.

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